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Cover artwork by Nani Puspasari.


Featuring interviews with Randa Abdel Fattah, Nadine Chemali, Nèha Madhok and Tiara de Silva. Business Spotlight interviews with Mami Watta Collection's Ana Maria Parada and caterer + celebrant Zee Scott. 


Articles and stories by Jeanine Hourani, Priyanka Bromhead, Alyssa Powell-Ascura, Marie Wong, Phoebe McIlwraith, Kathleen Butler-McIlwraith, Sanchana Venkatesh, Tamara Haque, Varsha Yajman, Veronica Fuentes, Isabelle Quilty, Angela Xu, Jessica D'Cruze, Lu Norton, Natalia Figueroa- Barroso, Neysha Santos, Bahar Higarza, Rebecca Mitchell, Isabel Howard, Konstanz Marie, Mia Casey, Ngọc Trần, Millaray Benavides and Sophia Vassie. 


Featured businesses: Welcome Merchant, Yuku-na Glow, Sara's Ethiopian Cuisine, MSCL UP, Diva Headwraps. 


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Digital - Issue n°3: Joy