About our platform

For all discerning readers avid for compelling content and diverse perspectives.

kindling & sage magazine centres the voices of Blak,  Women of Colour & Gender Diverse POC. We're building a feisty community where we learn from each other and ignite our individual and collective fire.

kindling & sage magazine is a print and digital publication that features written content created by women & non-binary POC. We are a safe space to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and perspectives to strengthen our communities and inspire.

Our kindling section features opinion pieces, interviews, short stories and book & movie reviews to inspire and fire you up. We welcome contributions from women & non-binary POC voices. Our sage section – inspired by the sage voices within our communities – focuses on action and initiatives within our circles. It includes highlights from women & non-binary POC-led businesses, a classifieds wall to advertise community groups and campaigns to support, and a directory we’re building up – drop us a line if you have a business you’d like to be listed.

kindling & sage magazine + community was born out of need. We wanted to hear from women that looked like us, reflected our experiences and drew on our knowledge. We wanted to share our rage at being limited and sidelined, not to commiserate but to build a fire that pushes us further. Above all, we wanted to see and hear from others like us and to create a community of solidarity and change.

We're here to build a unique space where our strong voices come together to fuel each others' fires and see our stories and experiences represented.


Our platform aspires to be a place where we call out, shout out, create sparks and inspire change.

Illustration of a womxn with light-brown skin sitting at a table, reading from a smart phone or e-reader. The womxn has her black hair tied back and is wearing a sleeveless teal top, a short burgundy skirt and pointy shoes. There is a mug of coffee on the table, filled to the brim.

Our guiding principles

We centre the voices of Blak, Women of Colour & Non-Binary POC.

Our core purpose is to create a space where we hear from women & non-binary POC. Our stories, our opinions, our perspectives.


Allies are welcome in this space, to listen, learn and reflect on their own privilege and responsibilities, as we do too.

We recognise that in our colourist society, People of Colour face different degrees of racism and systemic oppression. We're bound together by solidarity. Our liberation can only be collective.

kindling & sage was founded by a Latina who identifies as a woman of colour.

We are intersectional feminists

We believe that there cannot be honest conversations and real progress in feminism and equality without talking about (and tackling) racism.


Even today, our experiences are continuously silenced as mainstream, white feminism advocates for more places at tables – Boards, Management and other leadership tables in rooms where women & non-binary POC can rarely access.

We believe it is not enough to advocate for equality, without taking into account – without actively listening to – the voices and experiences of POC, particularly those that have lived experience with intersectional layers of discrimination.

We pay the rent

We believe that there will be no racial justice until there is justice for First Nations People. As settlers on stolen land, we recognise that we have both privilege and responsibility.

We pay our respects to all Traditional Custodians across the continent, particularly the Gadigal and Wangal People of the Eora Nation and their Elders, past, present and emerging.  We acknowledge that they were the first to tell stories and create culture and communities on this continent. We recognise that they continue to do so today.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the deep knowledge and connections First Nations people have to the land, sea and communities. We recognise the incredible strength and resilience they have while withstanding profound and ongoing injustice.


We stand in solidarity with all First Nations Peoples. We pay the rent with 5% of our income from each edition.

Want to learn more about Pay the Rent? Click below to learn about the history, examples and practicalities of Paying the Rent.

Pay the Rent Grassroots Collective:


kindling & sage is a dynamic project which, we hope, will grow and flourish to become an inclusive, thoughtful and empowering platform. We're always learning from the many varied experiences and voices within our communities.